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Landscaping mulch Midland, TX

Recom compost is a premium, all-natural product. Beneficial microorganisms are introduced into the material to transform even the poorest soils, adding valuable time-released nutrients and organic matter along the way.
Landscaping mulch Midland, TX

Our grinding process ensures that our mulch suppresses weeds, moderates soil temperatures, and retains soil moisture. This is an excellent product to mitigate the drought conditions that West Texas often experiences.
Landscaping mulch Midland, TX
Rubber Mulch

Recom stocks a full-line of rubber mulch in five distinctive colors. This product is perfect for playgrounds or outdoor activities that require a safe setting. Our rubber mulch is a high-quality, long-lasting substance that will provide many years of beauty and service. Please call for prices and availability.

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cheap firewood Midland, TX
Firewood (We Deliver)

At Recom, we sell good quality and cheap firewood by the pound as well as by the cord or half cord. This way, we’re able to provide the very best value to each of our clients. We exclusively provide high-quality and seasoned cheap firewood.
multi-purpose gravel Midland, TX

Recom currently offers a wide range of gravel, river rock, blocks, boulders, and flagstone. No matter which form of stone you currently require, there’s a good chance that we can provide the right material.
All of our products are of the highest quality. We don't cut corners when doing business with the Midland, TX region. All of our items from firewood to mulch or compost are sold for a reasonable price. When you need cheap firewood by the cord or multi-purpose gravel or stone products, choose Recom.

Don't miss out on our great quality, cheap firewood

For home heating, outdoor fires and more, our cheap firewood is the best deal in town. We make sure to sell wood that's of good quality to all of our customers. Even though we sell cheap firewood, we never skip out on quality. For the best prices on all firewood, call Recom of Midland, TX.
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