About Recom

Cheap Firewood for Permain Basin headquartered in Midland, Texas

We provide recycling services to all West Texas residents. In fact, our compost, soil, firewood, and mulch products are sent to customers throughout the entire region.
cheap firewood Midland, TX

landscaping mulch Midland, TX

Great Landscaping Products – Fair Prices!

Recom employs a knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff. Customer service and satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business, so we routinely exceed the expectations of our loyal clients. When you consult with our team, you’ll always receive great products at fair prices. That’s really all there is to it.

Recom management looks forward to assisting you with your next landscaping job. No matter the scope of the project, be sure to contact one of our friendly representatives. Call today to set the process in motion!
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