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Decomposed Granite & More for Midland, TX

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At Recom, we pride ourselves on our versatile approach to service. No matter the scope of your material-based needs, we’re sure to offer the right products at the right price

When you're designing the perfect landscape space on your property, you need the right materials to complete the look. At Recom, we carry a full selection of products ranging from landscaping rocks to topsoil, boulders, organic materials & more. You can even select from decorative landscaping rocks, blocks and boulders for any project.

Landscaping Materials
landscaping rock Midland, TX
  • Topsoil - Excellent fill material with a wide range of applications.

  • Multi-Purpose Gravel - A material used for landscaping, as well as a variety of construction applications.

  • Decorative Boulders - The perfect complement to accentuate any landscaping project.

  • Limestone Blocks - A beautiful wall and border material.
  • Sandstone - A distinct material that captures the flavor of the beautiful Southwest.

  • Crushed & Decomposed Granite - Ideal for driveways or heavily trafficked pathways.

  • River Rock - The perfect choice for entryways, ponds, or any site where attention to detail is a must. 

Landscaping Rocks & More

If you're looking for landscaping rock to spruce up any outdoor space, Recom has you covered. We carry a full selection of river rock, crushed stone and multi-purpose gravel that would be perfect for any project. Before you settle on a decision for your next landscape job, consider landscaping rocks & decorative boulders to accentuate any space.
Xeriscaping Materials

Xeriscaping combines drought-tolerant plants with stone or mulch to reduce water consumption. We feel that homeowners and businesses should be working hard to bolster their Xeriscaping efforts. This way, we’ll be able to enjoy the local ecosystem for years to come.

landscaping rock Midland, TX

Offering eco-friendly services to best serve your needs

Organic Material

Thousands of tons of organic material are delivered to our landfill each year. Recom gladly accepts these materials, and is proud to be part of the solution.

We will accept your organic yard waste and convert it into a value-added product, in turn, providing an important resource and service for the community.
Construction Material
  • Caliche - A widely used road base material
  • Sand - Both, concrete and playground sand, perfect for gardening use, softening play areas, and for construction concrete mixtures
  • Chat - Popular for oilfield application
  • Railroad Ties – This material retains a multitude of uses, including retaining walls and decorative yet natural structures
  • Chip Base (Jog Blend)
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